Free WordPress themes

Welcome to our large selection of Free WordPress themes reviews. Here you can find high quality themes for your website projects. These examples were carefully selected by our editors.

Some of the presented WordPress themes have a simplistic design, while other are more feature rich. In some cases, minimalism and simplicity was preferred. This is because it makes it easier to build a good-looking website. In this case, there are less chances to break the design. Also, this makes your website lighter. Thus, it will load faster. In the end, this could create a better experience for your website visitors.

Other users might prefer richer themes that are better designed to support complex user interfaces. This is because, these themes have a lot of widgets or layout options. For example, you could create easier a magazine style homepage. Or perhaps you will want to create an advanced portal with lots of sections and widgets. An advanced theme could help in both these cases.

However, when you select a free WP theme, you should pay attention to more aspects. While the design it is important, it is not the only thing that matters. You should also consider how heavy should be your website. Pages that are slow could push away your visitors. Not only that you could lose visitors, but slow website could also rank low in search engines.

Another important aspect is the theme responsiveness. It is critical for modern websites to render correctly on various devices. Thus, you should make sure that your website will work smoothly on mobile devices.

Premium versus Free Wordpress Themes

Many of these free Wordpress themes have a premium versions. This is helpfull if your project increases in complexity. Then, you could upgrade to the premium version. This will unlock many functionalities that are not normally available in the free version.