Free black white HTML template

black white html template

The free black white HTML template is a good example of versatility and performance. This template is flexible and comes with great performance. Links: preview | download this free template Sections in this black white HTML template We’ll start by describing the building items in this template – the Sections. You can stack them vertically […]

Free dark HTML template

dark html template

This stylish free dark HTML template is a great example of a dark theme website. It’s easy to customize, it loads super-fast and it’s responsive. So, this is probably a good pick for a professional or stylish solution for a simple and elegant look. Links: preview | download this free template The performance and look […]

Free Restaurant HTML Template

restaurant html template

An elegant free restaurant HTML template that can bring your online presence to life easy and fast. The template is easy to customize, lightning fast and responsive. It’s everything you need for a simple way to have your restaurant business available online. First, this free restaurant HTML template is stylish and modern. You can build […]

Free Food Delivery HTML Template

food delivery html template

This free food delivery HTML template will help you build a stylish, modern website. And you’ll be able to achieve that fast. Food delivery websites are simple and straight to the point. Secondly, the template is easy to use and personalize. It comes bundled with clean code that you can customize fast. And the result […]

Free Bakery HTML Template

bakery html template

A dazzling dark mode example for a bakery website html page. The free bakery html template is a simple, modern solution if you’re looking to build a website. These page structure and elements that come bundled in this free template are enough to give you the versatility to express yourself and have a wonderful online […]

Free Cake HTML Template

cake html template

The free cake html template is a great example of a simple, modern, stylish website that delivers content and emotion in a single pack. The template comes bundled with various page sections that allow variety in the end-results, as well as flexibility in the website building step of your process. What’s probably most powerful about […]

Free Fitness HTML Template

fitness html template

The free fitness HTML template provides a modern look and feel to the need of creating a comprehensible and fresh online presence. The template is already set up with a regular fitness website structure in mind, based on market research. So, you can just add your own content and have a look if everything is […]

Free Food HTML Template

food html template

There are lots of food businesses around. And most of them have an online presence as well. It’s just how we’ve evolved to get our products known. This free food html template can help a food business create their online footprint easy and get a modern, responsive presence out there. The template comes packed with […]

Free White HTML Template

White HTML Template

If you want simplicity and elegance, a white template could be an ideal choice your web presence. Many known brands over internet, such as Apple or Google, rely on white web pages for their landing pages. This is because the white color helps to build a simple, yet professional and trustworthy look. Links: preview | […]

Free Grocery HTML Template

grocery html template

A simple and modern solution for the need to build a grocery website. This free grocery html template is probably the simplest way you can have a stylish online presence, packed with loading speed, responsive and SEO-ready. The template itself is a scaled down version of the Basic8 HTML template, which comes with a lot […]

Free Gym HTML Template

gym html template

This here free gym HTML template is a stylish and modern solution to a widely spread need. It’s already been prepared to accommodate a gym website structure, based on what most gym sites display. What you mainly need to do is to put in your own content & media, choose a look & feel (colors, […]

Free Pizza HTML Template

pizza html template

The free pizza HTML template comes with plenty of different content sections that provide the flexibility needed in personalizing a website. The example here is a light theme one, but it can be easily set to a dark or mixed theme, as you can change each section’s background gray shade individually. Ok, so far, we […]

Free Yoga HTML template

yoga html template

This simple and stylish free yoga HTML template is easy to set up and customize. You can start off with the most used sections for yoga studio websites – like yoga classes, timetables, instructors’ presentation, events, prices, etc. Besides the default sections and settings (like colors, fonts, background colors), you can pick and choose other […]

Blocksy WP theme review

Blocksy Theme

Blocksy is one of our top three preferred WordPress themes. We love its modular design, simplicity in use and clean architecture. The theme is available in two versions: a Free and a Pro version. The Blocksy theme review below covers both versions. Free vs. Premium Blocksy theme versions The free version has far less functionalities […]

Basic8 HTML5 Template review

Basic8 HTML5 template

Basic8 is a pure HTML5 and CSS3 template (no js frameworks included). That’s why it’s lightweight, minimalist and blazing fast. The Basic8 HTML5 Template is beautiful and clean; one of these rare products where things are focused and simple. Eyes on the prize, no distractions The code is clean and easy to customize even by […]

Canvas HTML5 template review

This is one of the popular choices in the HTML multipurpose templates category. Canvas HTML5 template has been available since probably more than 8 years ago – currently at version 6.5. That means improvements and features constantly added to keep it relevant, valuable, and up to date. Flexible and rich Canvas HTML5 template comes bundled […]

Build your WordPress website with Elementor

Elementor review

Elementor Plugin & Hello Theme Review Elementor is far more than a theme or a simple plugin. During our Elementor plugin review we found it as a powerful WordPress website builder that it is deeply integrated in WordPress. Starting with Elementor Since Elementor is a WordPress plugin, there is the prerequisite of having a WordPress […]

Porto HTML5 template review

Porto comes in a variety of versions – but here we’ll be talking about the Porto HTML5 Template. Or, as its creators calls it, Multipurpose Website Template. Versatile and easy to use It’s straight forward to customize and edit the template. It comes bundled with Pages, Features and Elements already built for specific purposes. We […]

Squarespace review – build a stylish website

Squarespace review

Squarespace website builder review Squarespace is one of the established website builders, a brand well known for many professional web designers. As Apple enthusiasts, we always loved the style of Squarespace website, templates and layouts. Hence, it was a pleasure for us to write this Squarespace review. Even from the homepage you can feel the […]

Top 10 UX artifacts for a web project

UX Artifacts

Here are 10 of the most relevant UX artifacts that you should consider when designing and building a web project. 1. Understanding & validating the user needs Probably this is the most critical step towards building a successful web project. No matter if it is a simple corporate website, a web application or a portal, […]

Astra WP theme review

Astra WordPress Theme

Astra is a very popular choice for your WordPress projects. Its high quality and performance make it one of the best WordPress themes out there. Free vs Premium Astra theme One major difference between the free and the paid version is the available support. Only the premium version includes a 24/7 support. The free WordPress […]