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This simple and stylish free yoga HTML template is easy to set up and customize. You can start off with the most used sections for yoga studio websites – like yoga classes, timetables, instructors’ presentation, events, prices, etc. Besides the default sections and settings (like colors, fonts, background colors), you can pick and choose other defaults or you can introduce your own fonts and colors if you have a minimal experience with html and css.

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Simple and clean

This free yoga HTML template comes bundled with simplicity for use, as well as a modern and stylish look and feel.

There are about 20 sections that you can start with, besides the header and footer. And you can personalize each section, as well as the entire feel.

Colors and fonts

For your CTAs (call to action – buttons and links), you can easily choose between the predefined colors that this HTML template comes bundled with.

Then, each section can be customized to have a background color – white, light, grey, dark and black. This means that you can build light or dark website or mixed.

Last, you can set a page stylish or professional feel by choosing between two fonts.

If you’re experienced with HTML5 and CSS3, all the above can be customized. There’s also documentation available, but this comes bundled with the premium Basic8 HTML5 template. This free template is a small portion of that.

Sections in this free Yoga HTML template

All sections are designed to be flexible. Besides an image, title and a description, you can add buttons, links, eyebrow text, subtitles and many more. Moreover, the sections available in this HTML5 template vary in structure and purpose. And they’re responsive and retina ready. Plus, they are designed to allow you to give them as much space as you wish vertically.

Intro section

The Intro section enables you to briefly showcase your yoga business. Depending on the content you want to put in, you can make it bold or subtle. The sections come with a simple layout (image, title, description and two buttons), but you can customize it or switch another section into its place.

Multiple-column sections

yoga template multicolumn section
Multicolumn section – yoga HTML template

You can list classes, benefits, events, or any activities by using one of the three or four columns layout sections available. They can be customized with headers, description, links. And each item in the columns can display rich content (image, title, description, link, button, etc.)

Emphasize offers or any special content with a full image background parallax section available in this yoga HTML template. You get a title, description, buttons, and image placeholders by default, but, as with all sections, you can customize to your preferences. 

There are some standard sections included that any business might need – contact, reviews, or opening hours. But there are a few special sections in this template that are included with the industry specific needs in mind – for example team, prices, and location.

Team section

You can use the team section to introduce the instructors, their skills/specialty and to link to a details page for each of them. The purchase choice is an emotional decision, so introducing the team gets you a step further into that customer’s decision process.

Prices section

This free yoga HTML template includes a price listing section. It comes with a default four column layout and showcases how you can use svg files instead of pictures. But you can flip them around (svg with images), it’s easy. It also includes buttons as CTAs instead of links – because this section needs buttons (not links) and to illustrate how you can make use of the template functionality across sections.

Large image section

There’s an intermediate size image section with text that you can add into the mix. That’s beside the Intro or the parallax (full background image) sections. It adds variety into the mix of sections available in this HTML template so that you get flexibility in expressing yourself.

Quote sections

There are a couple of quote sections – single and multi-column quotes. The reason there are two different quotes sections is because these can be used as “quality stamps”.

Quality stamps contribute further to help your customers validate their choice in picking your business. They can be customer reviews, ratings, quality certificates, instructors’ certifications, presence in the press or media, or more.


Lightning fast

This free HTML template is based on the Basic8 HTML5 template. It’s actually a light version of it. And, like the Basic8 template, you get the speed, responsiveness, SEO-ready perks – in this light version, for free.

(The premium version is available at Basic8template.com and comes with a lot more functionality and the full set of sections)

Because this template is a smart HTML5 and CSS3 at its core, it performs incredibly fast. There are no js frameworks or strange/heavy grid systems. There’s a smidge of javascript (a few bytes) and just a smart, clean and simple HTML5 and CSS3 code.


The template is designed for humans and supports SEO strategies. It encourages succinct headers, subheadings that are easy to read, plenty of white space and bullet points instead of blocks of text. All of these to help focus on the content you put in and how it works for you and your SEO strategy.

There are predefined metatags that you need only to fill in with your own content. And also predefined and optimized metatags for social sharing.

Everything’s included in the template’s html header so that you don’t miss out on something related to your SEO to do list in the code.

Free Yoga HTML template – conclusions

This HTML template is versatile and flexible enough to get a yoga studio’s presence online fast and efficient. It’s modern, fast, scalable and responsive, as well as easy to customize and SEO ready. And it’s optimized for more than speed – also for SEO. 

It can easily be used to build a light, dark or mixed theme website. It has a wide array of customization features, but these can be extended into millions of combinations if you introduce your own colors and fonts.

Links: preview | download this free template