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If you want simplicity and elegance, a white template could be an ideal choice your web presence. Many known brands over internet, such as Apple or Google, rely on white web pages for their landing pages. This is because the white color helps to build a simple, yet professional and trustworthy look.

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Key features of the free white html template

Perhaps the most important feature is the lightweight and speed of the template. The template is fast because it does not include third party JavaScript libraries or layout scripts.

The free white html template is made of easily identifiable sections. These sections include predefined text and images. Thus, you will be able to easily change these with your own copy. The template also includes a customizable header and footer.  There are many other subtle features such as, mobile responsiveness, or large screen optimization.

Then, there are placeholder examples for including icons as svg symbols. This was done to maximize the speed and reduce the loading time.

Another key feature are the example call-to-actions. These could be easily customized to your conversion needs.

In the head area of the source code, you will find key metatag examples. You could use these to specify your page title or description for search engines. Furthermore, there are many other examples such as apple touch icon or favicon.

White Template
A snapshot of the free white html template.

The meaning of white color

White color is associated with many positive connotations, especially in the western culture. Perhaps simplicity is the most common association. Yet, there are many more positive associations. White is seen as right and good. Also, white is many times associated purity, sincerity, and even freedom.

What are white templates used for?

White is used by many websites in many scenarios. As mentioned earlier even Apple is making heavy use of white in their web presence. White is the color of choice for many design systems and frameworks. Material design is a well-known design framework done by Google. Material design was mainly based on white when it was released for the first time.

Then, there are specific businesses where white comes as a natural choice, due to its meanings. For example, you will find that many businesses and organizations from healthcare are using white for their websites. These might be from various fields such as: dental webpages, pharmacies, hospital & clinical centers, medical laboratories, et cetera.

Depending on the culture white could be used for many other use cases. For example, together with red is ideal for a new year, or Christmas website. In many other cultures, white is used for funeral web pages, since is symbolizes a fresh start after dying.

White space for a stylish design

This template relies on ample white spaces. Here the white color accentuates the white space even more. This helps to unclutter your web pages and to have a clean and clear web page. Your visitors could focus easier on your key messages from each section. Also, this emphasizes even more the call to actions. Thus, together with a concise message and the proper copy it might contribute to your conversion rate.

Light color versus a totally white html template

Each section of the template could be customized to have a white background, a light background or a grey background. This could be achieved by simply replacing the bgwhite, bglight or bggrey CSS class. As a result, the entire section will adapt to match this background color. This is extremely helpful in case you do not want an entirely white blunt webpage.

Some users might prefer to have a totally white html template. In this case you just need to change the background class for all the template sections to bgwhite. This will make all sections white, and as a result your entire template will have a white background.

Another approach is alternating white sections with light grey sections. This approach delimits better each section. Thus, it is ideal in case your messages are slightly different. For example, you could emphasize a specific feature in a white section. Then you could emphasize a totally different feature in a light grey section.

Similarly, you can set out the background color for the header or footer to white or to a lighter grey.

White complementary colors

Many designers are using the color when to find complementary colors for their web designs. Yet, there is no white color on the color wheel. Does this mean that there are no complementary colors for white?

The reason for this is because white is achromatic. Yet this does not mean that there are no complementary colors for white. Contrary, there are many options here. First, white is fitting perfectly with many nuances of grey or black. Then, many other colors look great with white.

Downsides of a white html template

There are also downsides of using white. White is the first choice for many professional websites. Yet, there are website who are avoiding the white color. This is because white might be too cold & austere for their identity. This is valid especially if you want to create a warmer emotional web impression.

The free white html template

Here are some key reasons on why this template might be a good choice for your web project.

  • Its simplicity and elegance make it an ideal choice for a minimalistic yet professional landing page.
  • Then, it is easy to use and to edit. If you have average HTML skills, it should be quite straightforward to adapt it to your needs.
  • The template is responsive, not only on smaller devices such as mobile or tablets, but also on larger devices and retina screens.
  • Another reason is its speed and lightweight size. It worth mentioning that it does not include jQuery or heavy JavaScript framework.
  • The white color and ample spice might fit perfectly with many businesses from the healthcare industry.
  • Some might find this white template too cold for their websites
  • Finally, the template has a beautiful, elegant and modern look.

Download the free white html template

Links: preview | download this free template

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