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An elegant free restaurant HTML template that can bring your online presence to life easy and fast. The template is easy to customize, lightning fast and responsive. It’s everything you need for a simple way to have your restaurant business available online.

First, this free restaurant HTML template is stylish and modern. You can build it and personalize it as you wish, and the end result will look great. Because the architecture of it makes it elegant and scalable.

Second, it loads fast. It’s an html and css template, which makes it load fast. Moreover, the code is clean and easy to personalize. And it’s SEO ready. This last bit makes it easier for you to focus on filling in your own content, rather than researching.

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We’ll start with the performance because it’s one of the superpowers of this free restaurant HTML template.

SEO optimized

All metatags are prepared for your own content. This means that the header metatags, social tags, image and links attributes are already present.

Second, titles and subtitles use headings that make sense for search engines, as well as for your visitors. Titles are large, bolded text to guide you to keep them succinct, as per SEO best practices.

The speed and performance

The load speed is impressive. Moreover, the free restaurant HTML template is responsive and retina ready. This is part of the modern aspect of the template. It loads fast and it renders great on mobile devices.

Last, do make sure you optimize the file size of your images. This way, you give your pages the best chances to keep their high performance in terms of load speed.

Colors and fonts

These are two properties you can personalize easily throughout the free restaurant HTML template. You can set an overall look and feel – with fonts and buttons/links colors. Moreover, you can customize the background color of each section on the page. It’s easy – we’ll explain further down what Sections are.


The template has two font choices, which are easy to switch. Just change a parameter in the code, in the body tag and that’s it. You can set it to either professional or stylish. Next, all texts on the page will use this font.

Buttons and links

Similarly, in the body tag there is another parameter that sets your buttons and links to the same color. There are six predefined colors that you can choose from: pink, red, orange, green, blue, and cyan.

Last, you can customize both fonts and colors to your own. You can do that with a little knowledge of html and css. You’ll have everything you need bundled into the free restaurant HTML template zip file you can download.

Background color for sections

This setting is a bit more granular. You can set the background color to every content section. Additionally, you can also change the top navigation and the footer background color to the same values for background color.

You can choose between white, light, grey, dark, or black background for each section. Similarly, as for fonts, buttons, and links, you can change this parameter at the beginning of each section. This way you can have a dark or light mode page, or mixed.


First, the Sections are predefined content blocks that you stack vertically in your page. There are various sections included in this free restaurant HTML template. And it’s easy to mix, duplicate and personalize as you wish.

Second, we’ve described above how you can change the background color. In addition, you can also set the top and bottom space for each section. This way, you control the overall harmony of your page. There are two parameters at the beginning of each section that you can use to define both spacings. These parameters take value from xs to xl.

Last, here’s a hint. You can mix elements cross-sections. This means that if you need a button in a section where you don’t have one, you can do that.

Hero section

The Hero section in the free restaurant HTML template is a strongly visual one, with a parallax effect. This kind of section is used for bold statements, together with a higher emotional feeling to it.

restaurant hero section
A snapshot of the restaurant HTML template Hero section

Menu section in this free restaurant HTML template

Probably one of the most important sections for your business. The menu section in the free restaurant HTML template is scalable on two dimensions.

First, you can add as many items as you want. That is – as many products or categories, depending on the website structure you need to build.

Second, each item can contain as many elements as you need. The template illustrates a simple group of elements. A picture, title with link and a description. But, as mentioned earlier, you can mix elements across sections. For example, you can add a button or a second text for pricing.

Full background image section

You’ll find a full background image section lower on the page. This is like the Hero section at the top. It just has a different layout.

You can add or remove elements from this section to fit your vision. And, probably more important, you can duplicate it throughout your page as you wish.

There is a wider variety of sections in the premium version of this template. Basic8 HTML5 template has more sections and features. And it comes bundled with documentation as well, unlike this free restaurant HTML template here.

Contact Us, Newsletter, Location

These three sections have been included to help you keep in contact with your customers. They also make it easier for you to display your address and location on the map.

Other sections

There are a few more sections included for variety and scalability of your pages. Some of them feature images in different sizes. While others are more content oriented. For example, there are two different quotes sections.

Last, the header and footer sections are included with a more complex version. That’s only in case you need a more complex site structure. If you don’t need a subnavigation, you can just remove it altogether.

Free restaurant HTML template – conclusions

This is an elegant, stylish template that boosts with performance. It’s easy to personalize and scale as needed. And it loads fast on mobile because it’s responsive and retina ready.

Links: preview | download this free template