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This here free gym HTML template is a stylish and modern solution to a widely spread need. It’s already been prepared to accommodate a gym website structure, based on what most gym sites display. What you mainly need to do is to put in your own content & media, choose a look & feel (colors, backgrounds, this sort of things) and you’re ready to go online. We recommend putting in a bit more effort for your SEO strategy as the template is SEO ready. We’ll go into what this means exactly in the article, below.

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Light, dark, or whatever mode you want

This free gym HTML template has a few colors and fonts out of the box. It’s trivial to switch between them by changing one parameter for each. Also, if you want your own custom colors, that’s something you can also do by changing a few things in the css files.

The template comes with a couple of font settings as well (stylish or professional), but you can install your own if you want to make it completely custom.

Fonts and colors

There are two font options with this html template – stylish and professional. You can switch between them easily by changing one parameter at the top of the body tag in the html. But, if you’d like to use your own fonts, you can install other fonts as well.

Like the font configuration, you can also set a theme color also by changing one parameter at the top of the page, on the body tag. There are six colors to choose from: red, green, blue, orange, pink and cyan. And, if you want to use your own colors, you can easily change a few hex values in the css files.

Last, there is another set of colors you can use, but this time for the background of each section (header and footer included). You can choose between white, light, grey, dark and black. This way, by assigning each section (we’ll detail below on the sections topic) a background color, you can either go with a full light or dark mode website, or a mix.

In this gym HTML template, dark mode is illustrated by having all sections set to black. Also, the CTAs (call to action) color was set to pink and the look & feel (font) was set to stylish.

There is plenty more you can customize with this template. Additional tips and full documentation are available with the premium version. This free gym html template is a small-scale version of the Basic8 HTML5 template, which includes this free template as well. But more importantly, the premium version contains the documentation and more features and functionality.


Probably the most important elements of this free gym html template are the Sections. These are the main page content blocks that you can use to your content. What we call here Sections are separate from the header and footer, but all of them can be customized very similarly – choose a background color, set a top/bottom spacing and add your content.

There are around twenty sections included with this template. And it is already set up as a gym example template based on the most used sections by gym websites.

The sections vary in structure and layout so you have plenty of flexibility in how can build your website using this html template. There are a few particular sections, like a contact form section for example, but most of them are multi-purpose. Also, the template includes a couple of large background image parallax sections to enable your website to be as emotional as you want.

Hero section

The first section in the content area is a full background image, with a parallax effect, which comes with a couple content boxes on top as focus points for content. These can be reduced to a single box, but it’s illustrated that you can have two if you want.

The purpose of this kind of sections is to bring emotion into your website. That’s a strong decision factor that drive customers to decide to purchase a service or a product. Therefore, this strong visual intro at the top of the page.

It’s trivial to move sections up and down the page hierarchy. So go ahead and try out other sections for your page intro until you hit that sweet spot you think works best for you. There are a couple of these full image background sections included in the template. You can also use them as page dividers for visual scrolling breaks, but their main purpose is to highlight content.

Team section

This section is a relevant section for your gym if you have trainers. Or if you just want to introduce the staff to your potential new customers. You can create a separate page for everyone in the team to get more space to highlight their skills, certifications, experience, specialization and so on.

Again, building emotion improves conversion and help drive more new customers to the gym. Having the team visible on the website allows your potential customers to get a feel for what they can expect when coming to the gym.

Prices section

gym template prices section
Screenshot of the prices section

This is a section present on most business websites. If you’re providing product or services (or both), this comes in handy. You can include images, titles, descriptions, links, buttons or whatever you see fit to list your items that customers can purchase.

This section in particular was built with icons instead of images to help you understand how you can use icons as well in the website. You can replace images with icons and vice versa in the sections available. This is just an example for you to see how you can do that technically, in the html template.

Multi-column text and image sections

The multi-column sections can scale up and down. There are a few different variations in this free gym html template to give you as much flexibility as possible. They vary in structure and purpose, but that’s for you to define. The template illustrates different types of content into different sections, based on what the industry usually does.

There are two main types of multi-column sections: quotes and images. In the template you’ll find a few variations for each. Keep in mind that you can enrich them, or you can scale them down as you wish. For example, you can replace links with buttons if you choose to.

Large image sections

These are different from the full background image sections. The images scroll with the content and have a set size. In this free gym html template you’ll find enough variations of them to be able to have a harmonious website and to avoid monotony on your website.

Other sections

You’ll probably need a few more sections that are available in this html template. There’s a contact section included, as well as a couple location sections. The location sections are different in the sense that one of them fits better for a map and address display, while the other can be used to showcase pictures of the gym. Or, if you have several locations, you can still use these sections to list them all.

A few sections illustrate a few additional use cases – like “as seen on”, sign up to a newsletter, opening hours, events, and so on. But these sections can be reused for other purposes as well.

Performance of the free gym html template


In the header part of the page code are metatags that you need for SEO. These are the relevant ones that search engines look for. You just need to keep in mind to customize them with your own content. You don’t have to do it, but if you want to be ranked as more relevant than your competition by the search engines, you should invest a little bit of effort to polish this meta content.

Besides the metatags in the header, all links and images include the SEO-relevant attributes. It’s advisable to fill these in as well.

Finally, the template itself guides you to keep a balanced SEO strategy. The large headlines (the headings tags), for example, restrict you to short and concise statements. These are relevant for search engines, as well for humans. And both appreciate titles to be brief, clear and relevant to your topic on the page.


The template is lightning fast because it’s built with plain HTML5 and CSS3. This is probably its superpower. And this is a long-run strategy – because browsers and search engines love simple code and because this gives the website the best chances at super load speed. And usually, if you have a small business, this is what you need most: to be present online, to be fast and flexible.

To give your website the best chances at being as fast as it can be, make sure your media is well optimized. That means that your images have the smallest size possible without losing quality.

Free gym HTML template – conclusions

This free template illustrates an example of a gym template with the most used sections on the market (that is the gym market). It packs in speed & flexibility, a modern & stylish look’n feel, while guiding you around the relevant SEO-related things you need to fill in.

You can customize it easily either by flipping through the already available colors and fonts, but you can customize it even further yourself with your own fonts and colors.

Links: preview | download this free template