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There are lots of food businesses around. And most of them have an online presence as well. It’s just how we’ve evolved to get our products known. This free food html template can help a food business create their online footprint easy and get a modern, responsive presence out there.

The template comes packed with versatility and performance. We’ll go into details soon. You’ll see that this example is set up as a dark theme, but you can easily change it into a light or mixed theme as well. And because it’s an html template, it’s lightning fast.

We’ll describe below how it is built and how easy it is to personalize it by using the predefined colors, fonts, formatting and spacing. But first, let’s see the main items you’ll be working with for your content area.

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These are the main blocks that you can stack vertically in your page. This is where your content goes. There are plenty of sections in this free food html template that gives you versatility and scalability to build an entire, simple website for your food business.

What you need to know about each section is that you can personalize the background colors and top/bottom spacing. You can do that by changing a single value in the code of each section. You don’t need to have plenty of experience with html to get around that concept. In this template the sections are set to dark or black. These are predefined background colors that you can change to white, light and gray too.

Also, there are five predefined top and bottom spacing values that vary from xs to xl.

Last, you can try and mix elements from other sections to customize a bit more to your needs. You can add links, buttons, other text formats, and so on from the predefined ones that are used throughout the template.

Intro section

At the top of the content area in the example free food html template, there’s a section with a large background image. It has a black overlay with content and buttons, and a parallax effect on scroll.

This kind of presentation of your content makes it emotional. That’s giving a bit more chances that your visitors understand your message faster and get a feeling about what your business or products are about.

Full background image section

Very similar to the Intro section above, there are a couple more sprinkled here and there in the page hierarchy. That brings in not just variety and color into your page, but also a visual page “break” for your visitors while scrolling. This makes your website both visually appealing and efficient.

This free pizza html template is a small-scale version of the on Basic8 HTML5 template. For more variety, features, tips and documentation have a look at what the premium version has to offer.

In the meantime, we’re convinced that you can make use of this free html and get the hang of it. Try it out, put it live and see how it works out for you.

Menu section

This is probably one of the most important sections for your website, where you’ll showcase your products. This is a multi-column section that scales easy to more or fewer items – it’s just up to you how many you want to display.

Also, each item in the list comes with a placeholder for image, title + link and a description. But you could add more links, differently formatted text from the predefined ones in the template and even buttons if you want to. It’s pretty easy and the result will look great.

Contact Us and Newsletter sections

food template contact section
A snapshot of the contact section in the template

These are two sections that most businesses use to keep in touch with their customers. Most activity is probably in your social media, but regardless – these are included in case you need them. As well as a “Location” section that can be used to add a map, address and other contact information you want to make public so your business is found locally.

Other sections

There are plenty more sections included in this free food html template. There is a nice variation on image and text sections, which you can customize as mentioned above.

Besides all content sections, there are the header and footer sections. They come with a more complex version of themselves. In the sense that maybe you don’t need a subnavigation with breadcrumb in the header, but maybe you do. So, there it is.

These sections can take also a background color property – same as for the above sections: white, light, grey, dark or black.

Colors and fonts


Stylish and professional are the two choices for the entire page. These are predefined values that you set in the code in the body tag. But you can add your own fonts if you wish.

Buttons and links colors

Similarly, you can easily set the color for all buttons and links on the page by setting one variable in the body tag. You get to choose between six predefined colors: pink, red, orange, green, blue, and cyan.

It’s much easier to add your own colors than to add fonts. And chances are that if you’re reading this article you have at least a little bit of experience to know how to do that.

In case you don’t or if you need more guidance or tips, you can get the premium version that comes with documentation.

Background color for sections

Similar to setting buttons and links colors, you can set a background color for each section. You get to choose between white, light, grey, dark, or black.

There is an additional predefined set of values for sections – top/bottom spacing. You can set them separately just by changing between xs to xl values.


SEO optimized

Your metatags, social tags, and some other attributes are already part of the code. These are the most relevant tags you need to fill in to use in your SEO strategy.

Also, all titles in the page use headings. These ensure you have some content for the search engines when they will look for them and that you keep content concise and to the topic – also for your visitors.

The speed and performance

The average attention span of visitors decreased significantly. That’s why social media now relies on short burst videos. Therefore, your website needs to load fast and should be responsive and retina ready.

The free food html template has one big superpower. And that’s performance – on both the speed and responsiveness. And that’s because the main strategy of this template is to use mainly html. That’s what it makes it easy for search engines to read through and what it also makes it fast. Lightning fast.

Just make sure you’ve got your image files optimized to the lowest size possible. There are online tools that you can use to groom your image files to ensure their visual quality is preserved, while their files size is significantly reduced.

Free food HTML template – conclusions

Lightning fast, responsive, modern and stylish – that’s what you can deliver to your customers with this free food html template. Besides this, the template is easy to personalize. That sounds like a long-lasting solution for your online presence.

Links: preview | download this free template