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This free food delivery HTML template will help you build a stylish, modern website. And you’ll be able to achieve that fast. Food delivery websites are simple and straight to the point.

Secondly, the template is easy to use and personalize. It comes bundled with clean code that you can customize fast. And the result is lightning fast. Therefore, using a html and css template gives you this speed advantage.

We’ll just add here that this free food delivery HTML template is optimized for SEO and it’s responsive. Just to tick these boxes as well because you will need a website that renders well on mobile. Your visitors are on the move most of the time. And even when they’re home, they’re usually reaching for their phone for most online queries.

Let’s have a look at the features of this template. We’ll leave here the links you need. Just in case you don’t want to scan through this entire article.

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First of all, Sections are the main blocks you’ll be using to build your pages. Hence, this is where you’ll add your content and media that your visitors will see. There are enough sections in this template to give you the flexibility and versatility to build a full-blown website for food delivery.

Here is a little bit of context before we dive deeper into a few of the Sections. You can customize each section visually by changing the background color. It’s easy. Just change a parameter at the beginning of the section to define if it will be a white, light, grey, dark or black section.

Secondly, there’s another parameter built-in for the top and bottom space. Here’s a little hint from us. Use plenty of space to give your website a more professional look and feel. It might sound easy, but it’s quite difficult to be succinct and to be able to use plenty of negative space. Your page will look great. As a result, it’s easier for your visitors to go through your content as well. Just change the size parameter in the section from xs up to xl and see how it looks best.

One last hint here. You can mix elements in different sections. Therefore, you can bring a button from one section into another that has no buttons.

Intro section

The Intro section in the free food delivery HTML template is an example of a brief order process. Maybe simplicity is your main business statement. Or maybe not. This intro section can achieve a lot with so little.

You can personalize the title or remove it altogether. The title and subtitle is a section itself.

Full background image section

The free food delivery HTML template comes with two full background image sections. You can use them as your Intro section as well. This parallax effect is a visual & emotional way to communicate your content. As a result, you can make a bigger impact.

This kind of sections are suited for highlighting your business value prominently. And they usually come together with one or two call to actions.

For a wider variety on Sections check out the premium version. Basic8 HTML5 template brings even more variety, features, tips and documentation. It might be a good idea to start with this free food delivery HTML template and upgrade if you think you need to.

Highlight deals

This section is probably a good fit for your website. A way to bring forward deals periodically. You’ll find included a couple of multi-column sections with images, title, description and links in the template.

We recommend that you optimize the size of your images to minimize the overall loading time. There are plenty of tools to help you make your image file size smaller, while preserving quality.

Menu section

This is probably the most important section you’d need. The menu section is scalable and flexible. You can add as many items you want and as much details as needed. And you can also create separate pages. Or separate sections for different food categories.

Regardless of your needs, the template can be adapted easily, in an elegant and simple way. You can add main titles to these sections or leave them simple. And each item can scale with more or less content.

food delivery menu section
A snapshot of the food delivery HTML template Menu section

Contact Us, Newsletter and Location sections

These two sections are a good solution to keep in touch with your customers. The first two sections are pretty straight forward. They are simple forms that connect your visitors to your mail inbox.

The Location section is designed to add a simple address info for your customers. Add a map, address, phone, email or whatever is relevant.

Other sections

There are more content sections included in the template to give you a boost for the content. Therefore, this adds variety and enables you to bring more color and content to the pages.

There’s a header and a footer section bundled into the template. Similarly, these sections can be customized easily. You can add a background color to match the look and feel you’re aiming for. And both are quite complex in structure to allow you to build a website as complex as needed.

Colors and fonts


There are two font choices as template defaults. A professional and a stylish one. All you need to do is to change one parameter in the body tag in the code to switch between them. That’s it. As a result, all texts in the page will change accordingly.

Buttons and links colors

Similarly, the same setting can be applied to the color for buttons and links. Change a parameter in the body tag it applies throughout the page. Therefore, you can set different colors on separate pages.

There are six predefined colors: pink, red, orange, green, blue, and cyan.

You can customize the template even further. Add your own fonts or change the colors set in the files and make it your own unique website.  

If you need more support, get the premium version that comes with documentation.

Background color for sections

We’ve covered this higher up in the article. But just to add this into the colors and fonts topic here – you can set a background color for each section. You can set a white, light, grey, dark, or black background to each. Just set one parameter at the beginning of each section. In conclusion, you can build full dark mode or light mode pages. Or mixed.


SEO optimized

First, the free food delivery HTML template is already prepared for your metatags, social tags, and some other attributes throughout the code. Fill in your content without having to look for them online and checking what you need.

Second, titles and text in the template are optimized for SEO. In the end, this has a good impact for your visitors because the titles use big, bold text that should keep things short and simple.

The speed and performance

It’s already set up for lightning-fast load speed. A major plus to a pure html and css template is simplicity, speed, and SEO. Search engines love it and browsers can load it very fast. Therefore, you get the best experience by adding responsiveness and retina-ready into the mix.

This is one of the best assets of this free food delivery html template. The speed. You just need to make sure you optimize the file size of your images. To make sure you give your pages the best chance to still perform to their possible best.

Free food delivery HTML template – conclusions

A modern, stylish, fast, and responsive solution. This free template is a good starting point with a very good chance to be a long-term solution. Check out the premium version as well in case you think you need even more features and flexibility. That means more sections, more template examples and documentation.

Links: preview | download this free template