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The free fitness HTML template provides a modern look and feel to the need of creating a comprehensible and fresh online presence. The template is already set up with a regular fitness website structure in mind, based on market research. So, you can just add your own content and have a look if everything is covered. You can customize pretty easy it to your needs – it’s simple to use as you can duplicate sections, customize colors and fonts, as well as sections backgrounds to give your website the look and feel you envision. You don’t have to be an experienced programmer to edit the code as it’s easy to work with out of the box.

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Modern and fresh

This free fitness HTML template comes with default colors and fonts that are easy to switch. You can modify a few properties in the html to switch colors and fonts. And you can customize it even further by changing a few values in the css files if you want full control.

There are almost two dozen sections to get you started. These are your content area. Plus, you get two additional sections – header and footer. Each section can be customized, including the header and footer.

Colors and fonts in this free Fitness HTML template

You can choose between six default colors already built in for your buttons and links. You can switch between them easily by changing one parameter at the top of the page. That means that you define one color at the top of the page and all buttons and links will have this color set throughout the entire page.

Moreover, each section can be customized to have a background color – white, light, grey, dark, and black. That means that you can set each section on the page to the same background color. That way you can build a full dark mode website page or a full light mode page. Or you can mix them up as you see fit for what you envisioned for your website.

Finally, you can choose one of the two default fonts: a stylish one and a professional one. You can also install your own font.

All these default parameters can be customized. You can change a few values in the files bundled with this template and you get your custom website fast. This requires a little bit of experience with html & css.

With the premium version you also get the documentation. This free fitness html template is a scaled down version of the Basic8 HTML5 template. That’s the premium version that also contains the documentation, besides many other features.


The Sections are big blocks for the content area. They vary in shape and structure – from simple title & subtitle to much more complex. Like, for example, a contact form section.

All sections allow customization. For each section you can define the background color and top/bottom spacing. Besides these settings, each section has a specific structure that enables you to create a versatile website. You’ll find multi-column sections, full background image sections with a parallax effect or simpler ones.

Moreover, all sections are responsive and retina ready. And the template is optimized for load speed. That’s one of this template’s superpowers. This is a core strategy in building it further as well. Keeping it simple, clean and preserving the core to mainly HTML5 and CSS3. And with as little javascript as possible. Actually, there’s a few bytes of javascript in the code – and no js frameworks whatsoever.

Intro/Hero section

The Intro section in this free fitness html template is a full background image. It comes with a parallax effect to enable a full emotional feeling to your website. The purpose of these kind of sections is to focus the visitors’ attention to a succinct message. And this is also supported by your call to action(s).

There are a couple more similar sections in the template to enable you to diversify your content. These sections are a good page break as well. They help your visitors scan your content easier, while giving you the means to highlight content.

fitness template intro section
A snapshot of the fitness HTML template Intro section

Prices section

Most online businesses choose to display their prices online. For this purpose, this section is a good start to list your services or products. Bring together prices and a call to action for your visitors to click and choose.

An additional technical aspect here is that this section makes use of svg files. These are used most often for icons. It was relevant to showcase how you can use these in the template, not only pictures. You’ll get the hang of it quickly. You include you svg code at the top of the page, together with a name. Then you reference the name in the section to display the icon. You can extrapolate this functionality to other sections, as you see fit.

Team section

The team section is not relevant for all businesses. But for your fitness business, you might want to introduce the trainers, their skills/specialty and to link to a details page for each of them. For your visitors, purchasing is an emotional decision. So introducing them to the team helps you drive more business and helps improving your conversion rates.

Multi-column text and image sections

There are many cases where you might need a multi-column structure for your content.Like for multiple locations, group classes, events, retreats, or other topics.

You can choose to display in each column an image, title, description, link, button, etc. Each item in a column can be discarded. Or you can choose to add other items cross-sections as well (for example, buttons).

Large image section

Besides a full background image section, you can make use of sections that allow more space for text, rather than an image. There are several different sections available with different layout orientation (left/right image placement). And optimized for different image sizes.

Quote sections

Two quote sections are included in the template – single and multi-column. Fitness websites often display a wide array of quotes from different sources. And that’s mainly to diversify quality proofs to their new customers. You can include reviews from existing customers, your listings in media or press, trainers’ certifications and so on.


Fast as lightning

Speed is a core feature of this fitness html template. The base template itself is lightning fast so that your mobile visitors don’t run into page loading issues while on the move. So, make sure that your media is as optimized as possible. This way your website takes as little time to load as possible.

This is possible exactly because the template is simple and clean. That’s the case for both the interface and the code behind it. But here, because the code is written purely in HTML5 and CSS3, it gives you the speed advantage. And thanks to the smart way the code is written, it’s also easy to build your website.


At the top of the code, in the header part, are included all relevant metatags that you need for good SEO. You just need to fill them in with your own content. That includes predefined and optimized metatags for social sharing.

Second, all links and images include the SEO-relevant attributes, so you don’t have to look for these either. Overall, make sure that after you fill in your content. And don’t forget about these two (metatags and the attributes throughout the code).

Last, while the template is designed for humans, it also supports SEO strategies. What we mean by this is the way it was built. The template encourages you to keep headers succinct and to include content into subheadings that are easy to read. Also, we recommend that you use plenty of white space and bullet points instead of blocks of text.

All the above might not seem like a breakthrough. But they’re hygiene factors for your SEO strategy. And, if you put in the effort, they can make a difference between how search engines evaluate your compared to your competition.

Free fitness HTML template – conclusions

This html template is as flexible as fitness can help your customers become more fit and flexible themselves. That means that it packs all the features and options for you to achieve the best version of your website as you can.

The template scales easily to a full-blown website and is versatile enough to help you have more than an online presence, but a fast, stylish, and modern website.

You can easily turn it into a light or dark theme website, or mixed. There are countless combinations that you can create yourself easily.

Links: preview | download this free template