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This stylish free dark HTML template is a great example of a dark theme website. It’s easy to customize, it loads super-fast and it’s responsive. So, this is probably a good pick for a professional or stylish solution for a simple and elegant look.

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The performance and look of this free dark HTML template

These two dimensions are most likely the most important attributes of this template. First, it loads fast, it’s responsive, retina-ready and SEO optimized. Second, it’s stylish or professional – you can choose that, actually – and you can customize fonts and colors easily.

SEO optimized

All the metatags you need to fill in with your own content are already included in the template. That means all the essential header metatags, social tagas, links and images attributes. Also, the content uses headings that are scanned by search engines algorithms, but these are optimized for page visitors as well.

The overall performance

This free dark HTML template is a html5 and css3 template at its core. That means that it will load as fast as possible when you open a page. It’s mostly a matter of the images file size that load with the page where the speed is mostly influenced by. So, make sure you optimize your images. There are lots of solutions for this online for most image formats.


There are two font choices included with this free dark HTML template. You can choose between professional and stylish. These are actually the values you can set in the body tag and all texts on your page will change to your setting.

Separately, you can choose to use your own fonts, with a bit of knowledge on this topic.


First, you can set your buttons and links to a predefined set of six colors. Similarly to fonts, you can just change a parameter in the body tag to one of the following values – pink, red, orange, green, blue, and cyan. This way all buttons and links will inherit the same color throughout the page.

Second, all the sections in the content area can take a background color parameter. This way you can set each of them to a white, light, grey, dark, or black background. In this free dark HTML template, all sections have been set to black. So, the overall look’n feel of the page is a dark theme.

Balance in the free dark HTML template

This is not a feature of a parameter, but an important aspect of any page, slide in a presentation or layout of a poster. The overall visual balance of any layout is mostly defined by the proportion of negative space and content. Negative space is the empty portion on your page in this case.

This free dark html template brings balance implicitly. You can choose how much space you want at the top and bottom parts of each section. But it’s up to you also to balance the volume of information on your pages. We’ll cover below how you can achieve that.

Last, using the predefined colors – both for backgrounds and for links and buttons – you make sure that the template renders the content correctly. For example, a dark title in a white section automatically switches to white text if you set the background to a dark or black background.


The main building blocks in the free dark HTML template are Sections. As you scroll up and down the example page, you’ll notice them as they contain different content topics. Some sections contain a title, description, image, and a call-to-action. Others, a full background image and a box with text on top. Also, the header and footer are also sections.

As described above, you can personalize each section to a background color. And you can set the top and bottom space for the content ones.

We’ll describe here a few of the sections included in the free dark HTML template.

Intro section

The section at the top of the page is a full background image section with a title, description, and buttons on top. There is a variant to this section lower on the page, with the title, description, and buttons in a different structure.

Image and text sections

You’ll find a couple of them on the page. By the way, you can use items in a section in another one. For instance, you can take a button from one section and duplicate it in another section where you don’t have a button.

Article section

This will come in handy if you need to include large volumes of content. You’ll find a variety of different text options throughout this section to help with structure. Also, you can include images, as illustrated in the example page.

Header and footer sections

These are a bit more special. First, both these sections come in a more complex version, in case you might need it. For example, the header comes with a sub-navigation and icons, which you can personalize. If you don’t need the sub-navigation, just delete that bit from the code – that’s it.

Second, both of them can take the same background color values as the rest of the sections.

Free dark HTML template – conclusions

This is probably a good choice for a dark theme website. But the versatility and scalability of this free dark HTML template makes it much more than that. You can easily change colors and the overall look and feel to produce very different pages.

It also packs in a great punch from a performance point of view. It’s lightning fast, SEO optimized, responsive and retina-ready.  

Links: preview | download this free template