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The free cake html template is a great example of a simple, modern, stylish website that delivers content and emotion in a single pack. The template comes bundled with various page sections that allow variety in the end-results, as well as flexibility in the website building step of your process.

What’s probably most powerful about this template is that it’s fast. The code base relies on html5 and css3, so the code you get is optimized to the maximum so that you get the most performance out of it. Just make sure you’re optimizing your images to the lowest file size possible without losing the visible quality.

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Let’s talk colors and fonts first

We’ll start by describing what options you have in personalizing this template with colors and fonts. Then, in the next parts we’ll talk Sections and Performance.


The free cake HTML template comes bundled with two font choices that influence the overall look and feel of your website. You can choose between stylish and professional. Actually, these are the two options for the parameter in the body tag that controls the font on the page.

Just switch between these two to get a feel of what suits your website best. Or, if you prefer your own fonts, you always have the choice to add your own.

CTA colors – buttons and links

CTA stands for “call-to-action”. These are the elements that allow your visitors to decide and click. The call-to-action elements in this template are buttons and links. And you can change their color with a single parameter, same as with the font choice described above. All you need to do is change a parameter in the body tag in the code and choose one of the following colors: pink, red, orange, green, blue, and cyan.

You can easily add your own colors in the css files. You can just replace the existing predefined colors or duplicate them to add more. We recommend duplicating just in case you change your mind. You can always clean up the css files later if you want even smaller size files. But we’re talking too small size difference.

Background color

Sections background color can be changed for each section, by choosing one of five grey scale options. We’ll describe later in this article what Sections are and what you’ll use them for.

The shades of grey you can choose from are white, light, grey, dark, and black. Just change a single parameter for each section and you can get full light or dark theme websites if you set them all to the same value. Or you can mix them up like in the free cake html template example here.

There is a lot of flexibility for personalization in the template, but these are the main three instruments already predefined that influence the most relevant aspects of your website. There is a full documentation available with the premium version of this free template, as this is a scaled down version of the Basic8 HTML5 template. This premium version actually comes bundled with lots of website page examples like this free one, as well as plenty more features. And, there is also an extensive documentation available with the purchase of the premium version.


This is the main ingredient in what you’ll be working with for your content area. Sections are blocks of content you stack vertically to build your website’s pages. In this free cake html template there are a lot of different sections to work with. They are already set up as an example bakery homepage.

Duplicate them, remove them, move them around – you’ll see you’ll get the hang of it quite fast. We’ll just add here that you can control the top and bottom spacing in each section by changing the section’s size parameters (s, m, … xl). This is an additional control elements to personalize the website, besides the background color (described above).

The sections available in the free template vary in structure and purpose. There are a few with a single purpose intended – like the Contact Us section. But most of them are versatile in the sense that you can use them for various purpose – it’s just up to your imagination and needs.

Finally, before highlighting a few of them, we’d like to point out that there are two full background image sections that spice up the look & feel to a more stylish and modern website.

Hero/intro section

In this free cake html template you see built as an example, you’ll find that the first section in the content area is a full background image section that has a parallax effect when scrolling.

There’s a double purpose with this section here. First, to include it and show how it looks and how to include it. Second, to illustrate that it works like a charm to deliver emotion together with your content.

Menu section

This is a multi-column section that you can scale as much as you want. Just add as many items as you wish. It’s up to you where you draw the line.

Each item in the section comes with an image placeholder, title + link and a description. But you can add additional links or buttons. Or you can use other text formats from other sections in here. As stated above, this free cake html template comes with a lot of personalization options just by using the predefined elements available. On top, you can always add your own or edit or duplicate the ones available if you wish.

Full background image section

Besides the section in the Hero/intro at the top of the page, you’ll find this section as the “Orders” one in the html template. It’s got the same parallax effect with the full background image, but it has a different layout of the content overlay.

As the other sections, this can be a light or dark themed section, like the rest.

Multi-column text and image sections

There is an additional section similar to the “Orders” section we mentioned above. This one here you can find as “Product examples” section. This one is a four-column section with smaller image sizes.

Same goes for this section as well – you can personalize it with links and buttons, as your artistic feeling guides you.

There ais an additional multi-column section – the quotes section, which is built for reviews, feedback, social media quotes, presence in the press and so on. You’ll probably already have a couple of ideas in mind what to use it for.

Large image sections

cake template large image section
A screenshot of an image section

There are a few more content and image sections that vary in structure and feeling. They’ve been added in the example template here tailored to the cake industry.

Other sections

There are plenty of sections available in this free cake html template that you can use to build an entire website. There are a couple more sections, besides the content sections. And these are the header and footer sections.

Both can be personalized using the same background color variables, to match the overall look & feel of your website.

The header includes a subnavigation, just in case you might need one. And the footer has plenty of differently formatted text and links so that you can customize it easy out of the box.



Throughout the template you’ll find that you already have all meta tags and attributes included, so that you don’t have to search yourself how to add them. The header part of the html code already contains all metatags you’ll need, including the social media ones. And the content already includes the meta attributes for images and links.

You have the backbone you need to ensure you have a healthy SEO. You just need to put in the effort to define your SEO strategy and fill the meta content.

As fast as lightning

Having all the code written in HTML5 and CSS3 enables full loading speeds. It can’t be getting faster than this setup. Because the template is responsive and retina ready, it means that it will be fast and will look great on mobile as well.

Just one thing to consider – while the template gives you the backbone for amazing load speed, you need to consider the size of the media you put in. There are online tools that can help you optimize image and svg files.

Free cake HTML template – conclusions

This free template is probably a lasting example of what a cake website needs. It’s fast and easy to customize, while it looks great and is responsive for your visitors.

There is a contact and a newsletter form available in the template, so you have a couple of basic means to keep in contact with your customers.

Links: preview | download this free template