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A dazzling dark mode example for a bakery website html page. The free bakery html template is a simple, modern solution if you’re looking to build a website. These page structure and elements that come bundled in this free template are enough to give you the versatility to express yourself and have a wonderful online presence.

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Sections in the free bakery HTML template

The main page elements you’ll be using with this template are the Sections. These are blocks for your content area that vary in structure and components contained. For example, the first section on this free bakery html template contains a large image on the left and some content on the right (a title, description and two buttons).

Going top to bottom on the page you find a variety of sections that give you the flexibility to build an entire bakery website. In this template there are some usual sections, as well as a few special sections included. We’ll touch upon a few of them here to give you a better understanding.

On more thing to mention before we go into details, rest assured that the template is a modern solution – it’s responsive, retina ready, SEO ready and, probably most important, lightning fast. That will be detailed further down.

Menu section

One of the most relevant sections for this type of website is probably the menu section. It’s a scalable section that allows you to add as many items as you want. We call an “item” here one group with an image, title with link and a description.

This is one of a few multi-column sections included – you’ll see further below a similar four column section and a review section built for quotes – text in quotation marks, icons and a couple different text formats to reference author and relevance.

As state above, you can insert as many items you wish in this section. But, more importantly, you can customize it – by adding an extra link or a button, prices and so on. You’ll quickly get the hang of it and you’ll see how easy it is to customize and how flexible this free template is.

Full background image sections

Scrolling a bit lower in the example page you’ll see there’s an “Orders” section with a full background image and a content layer on top. It’s a good instrument for you to highlight special content, but it’s also useful for your visitors as a page break. It just makes it easier for your visitors to scroll through your content and remember content in the page hierarchy.

A snapshot of the full background image section

Contact us section

Keep in touch with customers or suppliers via email. Not a special functionality, but a necessary one for most businesses.

This free bakery html template includes also a newsletter form in case you want to build a customer base that wants to be kept informed about your products or special offers.

Other sections

There are plenty of variations on the sections with visual support. Different layouts and structure sections that give you variety in the website layout.

In addition, there is a section that you can use to promote your location. And you can use a multi-column section if you have several locations that you want to promote.

Header and footer

These are separate from the above sections, the main navigation items. Both header and footer sections can be customized easily. With more than just your website’s pages, but also social media icons with links or email.

The footer is a good candidate to introduce your sitemap as well. This is very useful for your visitors and for the search engines that analyze your website. There are a few different text formats in the footer to differentiate between important links or your copyright labels. To use the free bakery html template, you just need to keep the reference link in the bottom right part of the footer unaltered.

Light or dark mode – your choice

The example template you’ll see is a dark theme one – just to illustrate it as such. But you can personalize your website as you wish, from light to dark to mixed.

It’s easy to change the appearance of each page by three different factors:

  • Fonts
  • Buttons and links color
  • Sections background color


There’s two choice of fonts that come with this template. They have a stylish and a professional look and feel. Hence, it’s easy to switch between them by changing a single parameter in the body tag.

Still, if you want more control, you can always add your own fonts as well.

Buttons and links color

We call these CTAs – call to action. As for the fonts above, you can change the buttons and links color by changing one parameter in the body tag. There are six colors already defined in the template: red, green, blue, orange, pink and cyan. In addition, to use your own colors, you can easily change a few values in the css files.

Sections background color

To make your website all dark or light, all you need to do is to set each section to the same background color. Same goes for the header and footer sections, which use the same values. Or, you can mix them up to have a more colorful, diverse website.

Your choice of background colors, out of the box, are white, light, grey, dark, and black. This free bakery html template was built as full dark mode just to illustrate that you can. Therefore, by changing one parameter at the beginning of each section in the code, you can switch between these predefined background colors.

Change the values in the css files to use any other background colors you wish.

To add even more options for customization, the sections come with a very simple way to define top and bottom spacing. There are a few predefined values you’ll find in the code short coded as s, m, and so on up to xl.

There is much more that you can customize and use with the free template. Documentation is available with the premium version of this template if you choose to purchase it. The free bakery html template is a small scale version of the Basic8 HTML5 template, the premium version, which contains more features and functionality, besides the documentation.

Speed and performance


The template is optimized for SEO in the sense that you don’t have to gather the necessary tags from the Internet to set it up. Metatags, social tags, links and images meta data tags that search engines look for are already included. You just need to put in the effort to define your SEO strategy and fill them in.

You don’t have to do it. It just depends if you rely on search engines for traffic or if you don’t. If you just need to have an online presence that your customers already know how to access, then you could also skip this altogether.

Besides the meta tags all around the template, there is also the factor of content. How the template is set up to help you make use of headings and how it implicitly helping you keep the brief content succinct and where not to do that. In the end, it’s not just search engines that want you to stick to the relevant content and where to keep it simple, but also your visitors.


Simplicity’s got a lot of perks. The free bakery html template is a HTML5 and CSS3 template at its core. Same as its premium “parent” it was built from. And especially because of this strategy, the template loads fast. It’s something we all want from the websites we visit. And that’s what your visitors will get. It all depends on how you optimize the media you’ll be using in your pages. The template gives you the best possible speed from the start.

Besides the speed, the template is responsive and retina ready. Which means that your website will look and perform great for your visitors that are on the go and access your website from their mobile devices.

Free bakery HTML template – conclusions

This dark theme free bakery html template is a good choice to build your online presence. It’s easy to customize and to make use of the available sections that make up the content area. You can make it completely your own as you can customize even more, besides the already built-in fonts and colors.

The speed and the modern look & feel are probably the best qualities of this template. And if you also make use of the SEO-ready feature, you’re good to go quite fast with your online presence.

Links: preview | download this free template