Canvas HTML5 template review

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This is one of the popular choices in the HTML multipurpose templates category. Canvas HTML5 template has been available since probably more than 8 years ago – currently at version 6.5. That means improvements and features constantly added to keep it relevant, valuable, and up to date.

Flexible and rich

Canvas HTML5 template comes bundled with countless assets, offering a plethora of possibilities. As a high-level picture, here’s a list of page templates already available to start with: 120+ page demos, 50+ niche demos, 165+ portfolio templates, 45+ blog templates and eCommerce shop templates.

Besides the page templates, here’s the rest of the assets included or features available:

  • Unlimited header and footer styles
  • 7 sliders with 150+ templates
  • Revolution slider with editor
  • Widgitized mega menu
  • Functional AJAX contact forms
  • 1500+ UI features
  • Boxed/wide page layouts
  • Responsive and retina ready

More importantly here, Canvas offers a great dark option for your template built as a Bootstrap 5 dark skin.

Overall, the template contains more than 1200 files to help you create almost any website you wish.

Colors and fonts

It’s easy to set up your own color scheme. Canvas offers a simple way to introduce your colors without the need for multiple css files and changes. Additionally, setting a page to dark or light mode is trivial, as you can set this in the body tag. And, even more flexible, you can set the dark/light mode to be automatically set to each visitor depending on their system’s settings. Basically, you can tell your body tag to be set as dark, light, or adaptive (or automatic).

Canvas HTML5 template offers support for Google fonts. By default, it comes with Poppins, Lato and PT Serif, but you can easily point the template to any other Google font available online. And you can also host your own fonts if you wish.

There’s a lot of detailed support on how to set all of these in the online documentation available for Canvas HTML5 template.

Pages, Layouts and Features


You can use Canvas to build a website for almost any industry. There are niched pages available for blogs, shops, portfolio, events, magazine, corporate, and many more. And then, there are all those pages that any website needs: Contacts Us, About Us, Login, Coming Soon, 404 error, Under Maintenance, Sitemap and so on.


Almost all of them have different variations to choose from, but there is a separate option for layouts. These variations of layouts will enable you to set your pages to

  • wide/boxed
  • display sidebars (left/right or both sidebars, plus double sidebar display)
  • subnavigation option
  • left/right navigation
  • sticky navigation and footer


Features is a level deeper into each page, enabling your page layout to display your content fresh and modern. Of course, you have your basic ones like titles, tables, forms, and so on. But the coolness factor comes from the modern sections available. Sliders alone are almost countless in the variation possibilities. There’s a mega menu option for your navigation and widgets for social topics, testimonials, subscribers, tag cloud, and embedding video content.


All of these are grouped under what they called Shortcodes on their website. And having a look through this list might seem impressive, but you’ll be truly impressed by how versatile and how many variations you get with each of these items.

We’re picking a couple of them to describe here.

Buttons vary from flat, 3D, filled background or ghost buttons to all button variations in Bootstrap. We mentioned above that Canvas HTML5 template is based on the latest Bootstrap front-end css framework. So the default Bootstrap components have been included in the template as well.

Carousels complement very efficiently the sliders and they are a convenient page element to organize rich content in your pages. There are 6 variations of the slider component to allow you to keep things as simple as you wish, together with the option fit for your layout.

Elements and goodies

Charts are frequently used components. They’re actually more suitable for dashboards and admin pages. Still, if you need one, there are about 10 different charts visualization options with variations and personalization choices.

Data tables are separate from your bootstrap tables and have an extensive set of options. On top of the table variants from Bootstrap 5, the data table component is configurable with pagination, number of items per page, search and sorting options for the interface.

You might want to scroll through the shape dividers if you want to use large visuals. You can break the images rectangle frames with this alternative, especially in full width mode. This can give your pages a bit more visual anchors, as well as drifting away from monotony.

There are transitions and animations available as options or already enabled on some of the components. If you get the chance, have a look through Flip cards,  Lazy loading, Range sliders, Counters and countdowns, Read More expanding menus and Maps (in small, boxed and full width display variants).

Canvas HTML5 template – conclusions

This template is already a veteran on the market. It’s been keeping up with technology, modern trends, and frameworks. That’s what it makes it still one of the best HTML template choices on the market.

Canvas is versatile and easy to customize. Additionally, it has so many great reviews from what we’ve seen as returning customers. When you get to the Canvas presentation website, we’d recommend starting with the Home category. Scrolling through this page will give you a fast visual overview about what Canvas is all about.

With this template you get a trusted product that’s been available and constantly updated since 2014. This is one of the best sellers on the market.

It’s not a dedicated dark template – and neither it should be. Actually, few templates are exclusively created to be dark only. It does have a great dark mode, though. One that you can personalize as well.

Check out the Canvas HTML5 template here: